Reverse glass painting by Peter Mammes

I work with a paintbrush and black ink. My artwork is always based around drawing. Drawing is the language of my mind. My drawings are icons, they are the placeholders for my concepts. I place my drawing in symmetrical patterns because the universe is symmetrical, I use patterns because it’s a way to capture chaos, tame it and keep it forever. I travel far and wide to find the ideas that I base my drawings on. From convincing homeless lepers to let me capture their image, to talking my way into medical museums to venturing into strange cemeteries to find beautiful patterns. My life revolves around drawing images that show the contradictions in our thinking, the hypocrisy of our thoughts are always biased towards ourselves and we are blind to the other paradigms around us. I find those paradigms and work with them to make a mix of macabre and beautiful thought-provoking artworks.




All images are made by Peter Mammes