I have been travelling around the world to gather ideas for my work for the last few months, I have worked on my art in Russia and I have been developing a new style since my last exhibition.

To find out more about me and my most recent developments please follow me.


Peter Mammes portrait

Born 6 July 1986 Johannesburg South Africa


Born in Johannesburg in 1986, Peter has always had an interest in macabre and absurdity, he began drawing as a young child and attended the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein where he finished school in 2004.Peter has worked as a puppeteer's apprentice and a prop maker specializing in making hangman's nooses for a few theatre productions. Peter is an autodidact and reads on a wide range of topics and is very interested in economics, philosophy and physics. Peter has exhibited extensively and has had several solo exhibitions, he went into hiding for a long period to develop a new technique and style, only exhibiting in a group show or two during that period but emerged reinvented with a completely new style of drawing. Peter travels extensively to find the imagery and patterns he uses in his work. He collects medical instruments, specializing in birth instruments. Peter has worked for months in different locations so as to assimilate the culture and surroundings of that particular society first in Moscow, Russia and more recently in Varanasi, India where one can see open air cremations. Peter is influenced by Kathe Kolwitz, Helnwein, Van Gogh and Klimt.
"Peter’s work is incredible because it exposes the vulnerability, the essential otherness that every person’s self-awareness permits, and that has the potential to either connect or estrange human beings from one another."


• Fine artist
• Puppetry and puppet making
• Mural painter

Selected past exhibitions

Solo exhibitions
• Nirox October 2014
• Room 2014 July 2014
• Johannesburg Art Gallery May to September 2011
• Arts on main in Johannesburg January to February 2011
• Art-icle Showcase in Johannesburg July 2010
• First solo exhibition at Bamboo gallery February 2010

Art fairs
•THAT ART FAIR Capetown 2015

Selected group Exhibitions
•Diedericks/Faber fine art July 2014
•Rubixcube at arts on main 2014
•Lizamore and associates 2014
• Carol Lee Bamboo 2014
• Salon 91 2013
• Artspace gallery 2012
• Thompsons gallery 2011
• Main street life 2011
• PostBox magazine launch at Arcade Empire 2011
• Pandora Art House 2011
• Carol Lee Bamboo 2010
• Moja modern gallery 2007
• Anton van Wouw museum 2007
• Boeing gallery 2007
• Carfax one night exhibition 2006

Art collections
• Included in the Absa art collection
• Included in the Da Vinci Hotel art collection